Optique Opticians have an Orthoscopics clinic. Orthoscopics is the use of tinted lenses to relieve the symptoms of Visual Perceptual Stress which are common problems associated with conditions such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, autistim and other neurological conditions.


The Orthoscopic System consists of computerised assessment and prescribing instruments. Our Orthoscopics Consultant will do tests to determine how the patient sees colour, space and movement and how the patient’s eyes change depending on stimulus etc.

A substantial report is generated to enable the patient to get the most appropriate perceptual treatment. This visual assessment can take up to one hour. It is preceded by a regular eye examination with the optometrist which usually takes 20/30 minutes.


The latest research suggests that all children who are underachieving at school should be fully assessed for visual perceptual problems as well as having an eye examination. Early intervention can make a difference to your child’s quality of life.

Visual Perceptual Problems

Symptoms of visual perceptive problems can include:

  • Visual dyslexia
  • Migraine
  • Asthenopia
  • Vestibular reflex anomalies
  • Dyspraxia
  • Muscle balance anomalies

Visual Perceptual Problems

Visual dyslexia is the name given to a group of symptoms caused by malfunctions in the eye/brain communication chain. Symptoms include reading or writing problems, underachievement in academic work or social environments, lower self-esteem, anti-social behaviour is possible, and the person can even exhibit neurological symptoms. Symptoms are often unrecognised in a regular eye examination and are more commonly noticed in the school classroom.

Optometrists recommend that school goers have an eye examination every year particularly if there are signs of visual problems or family history of such. Any problem with their visual skills will clearly interfere to continue learning or sports skills. Signs to watch out for are headaches, the eye turning in or out, vision blur, excessive rubbing or blinking, concentration or retention difficulties and reduced attention span.

Migraines and Headaches

Many people get headaches and have difficulty with reading due to lighting and other visual stimuli. Headaches, migraine, dry eyes, and many other conditions will often find immediate relief using the Orthoscopics system. The headache will often disappear before the tests are completed - it can be that dramatic.

The treatments are simple and often work out a lot less costly than pharmaceutical medicines. Often, astonishing results are reported during the tests, improved vision or relief from eyestrain being quite common. The tests are in no way unpleasant and are suitable for all from the age of about seven years.

If your child has any of these problems

If your child has any of these problems, an eye examination and an orthoscopics assessment is recommended. Please contact Elaine O’Sullivan F.A.O.I. Optometrist for further information or appointment on 091-386669 or contact Grainne Maguire F.B.D.O. Optician, Orthoscopics Consultant on 087-9729272 or email ovsc@eircom.net


Children should have their eyes examined from age two especially if there is a family history of eye conditions. Focusing errors such as long and short sightedness and astigmatism can lead to a variety of complaints such as headaches, blurred vision and fatigue.


Childrens eyes are more sensitive to UV radiation than adults, and should therefore also protect their eyes from the sun.


Always keep your glasses in their case.


If you put them on a table, make sure the lenses are face up!

If your glasses aren't positioned right on your nose, are slipping, or hurt behind your ears, it's time for an adjustment! Regular visits to your optician will avoid these little problems.


Clean lenses are the best way to guarantee good vision.


Clean them at least once a day with warm water and soap, or using an appropriate cloth or a cleaning solution, as recommended by your optician.


When using a computer, stay at least 40 cm away from the screen, and when you watch TV sit at least 3m away.


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