Available In-store

  • Cleaning cloths/repair kits
  • Magnifers
  • Ortopad Eye patches
  • Cords
  • Cases
  • Prescription swimming goggles
  • Contact Lens Solutions
  • Eye Comfort Drops
  • MGD Rx Eyebags
  • Ocular Health Supplements e.g. Macushield, Nutrof Total, Omega Vision, Eagle Eye Vision, Actase Lutein ZA
  • Meibomian Gland dysfunction eyebags – MGD Eyebags, Optase Eye Bag, Bausch & Lomb THERAPEARL, the eyedoctor Hay Fever Compress, the eyedoctor Dry Eye Compress
  • Eschenbach Low Vision Aids,
  • Cocoon over-specs sunglasses
  • Hangover Ready Readers from €25