Testimonials and Reviews

Some comments from our satisfied customers.

Thanks to all at Optique Opticians, Briarhill for their kind, attentive and professional assistance given to my little girl recently. She broke her glasses and was so nervous and anxious at the prospect of having to go to the opticians. (bad memories from a bad experience elswhere) She is also very self concious having to wear the glasses and was made to feel very special and important when choosing new frames. She loves the cool cases and cleaning clothes that came with them too!!!! Thanks again guys. She has now told me she wants to go to “Brian Hills clinic” from now on…

L. Hickey, Oranmore

I have been going to Optique Opticians for years. I have always been happy with my thorough eye examinations. The range of frames is amazing. My prescription is quite strong and I can’t believe how thin and how clear my new varifocals are! The staff are helpful and professional at all times.

A.McCarthy, Galway

What a wonderful customer experience, whew I am still over the moon. Elaine was very kind and did the full vision check with super modern equipment, it was so comfortable and quick and Kean did not get tired of showing me different models of glasses and answering all my questions patiently. The two made me feel like a human rather than a customer. Also bringing a baby was totally fine which is was a great relief. I delayed getting glasses for a couple of years and it was such a joy buying new ones today. Thank you so much!!!

Sara Medwed

I have been using Optique Opticians since they opened in Briarhill Shopping Centre in Galway and Elaine O’Sullivan has been my optician for many years before that. She is no doubt one of the best and most passionate opticians in the country. She is ahead on all of the latest technologies. She is thorough in her examinations and in my case discovered the possibility of glaucoma, sending me on to a specialist who confirmed this and luckily as a result, I began treatment early. She has a wonderful team working with her. On top of all this, if it is glasses that you need…they have a fab range. Cannot recommend Optique Opticians highly enough.

Mags Pym

I moved to Galway from the UK last year and was wondering which opticians I would choose. I discovered Optique online and was very impressed with their website. I couldn’t believe it was so easy to make appointments and order my contacts online.

C. Murphy, Claregalway

I visited Optique Opticians for the first time last month for a routine eye test and was referred straight away to an eye consultant as there was loss of vision in my left eye. Thanks to Elaine and her team for being so caring and professional and for saving me from major problems which are being treated. I now have fab new glasses and feel well and am recommending my friends to Optique. Thanks again.

J.Reid, Galway City

Thank You for your excellent service …it’s the first time in years that I have got glasses that work.

Mr C Powell, Claregalway

My Family and I have been attending Elaine O’Sullivan for years. The eye examinations are very thorough and the equipment is state of the art. I love my eye candy treats – Bvlgari, Oliver Peoples and Dilem glasses. The one-to-one professional expertise ensured that I have chosen perfect glasses every time!

Mary O'Dwyer, Galway

I would like to update my opinion, given after my visit in Optique Opticians (see below): Ive received mine and my youngest child glasses, and Im delighted! My kid’s comment was: “WOW! This is how I should see”. My reaction was exactly same plus “WOW, that why I was so much tired in my work place”. Later, when I was driving to collect my kids from school, I was comparing view – with and without the glasses – and there was a huge “WOW! so that why I had headache”. Thank You, I am grateful and will come back to check older kids.
(opinion after visit)
I was looking for a good specialist, Ive heard a lot of positive opinions about this optician and Im more than happy after my visit. I will definitely stay with them for a future.
Professionals and professionalism at all levels!
1) Examination – VERY HIGH standard – huge knowledge and very advanced machines in every stage – basic examination or 3D.
2) Marketing – there is NO marketing at this optician – only specific information. Great price options (e.g. frames) for everyone.
Two years ago I had to check my children eyes and I went to OTHER optician based close to Galway. I was struck down when I had to choose between low price non attractive frames and very expensive frames. All other nice frames was hidden behind the doors.
Here, there is no hidden place for any frames. You can see expensive ones if you like from fashion houses as well as mid priced and low priced, and you can also ask for option to fit in your budget.
3) Consultation after examination – again professionalism and again knowledge plus please come back to point 2)
4) Staff – and again professionalism. I was very delighted to meet so much nice person.
Like I said, I will stay with Optique Opticians for a future. Thank you.

Monika Nowak

My company recommended that I visit Optique Opticians to be fitted with safety glasses. I was very impressed with the store, its layout and wide selection of frames. I was given a complimentary cup of coffee while I waited for my eye test. My eye test was very thorough and professional. Before I visited, I wasn’t intending to buy new glasses for my personal use, but the offer of two pairs for €99 was great value. I have since recommended Optique Opticians to my family and friends.

T.Kearns, Tuam

When I first found out my 4 year old son needed glasses, I was apprehensive as it was very important to me that his prescription was 100% accurate and that the lenses and frame were exactly right. His prescription was high so he would need to have lenses which would have to be thinned down and of course a frame to accommodate the lenses and the shape of his face. I wanted a good quality, very durable yet modern frame that would fit comfortably and accurately. I am delighted to say I found all I needed with Optique. Lenses, frame, fitting and follow up aftercare was fantastic. My son is now 6 years old and loves his glasses which are regularly commented upon by friends. Excellent service Optique, well done!

R. Marley, Ballybrit, Galway